01-15 02:16 THE GUARDIAN Former England striker Eni Aluko retires from football at the age of 32

• Aluko won 102 caps, five FA Cups and three English league titles
• ‘I feel like I’m ending on a high. I feel very excited’

The former England international striker Eni Aluko has announced her retirement from football at the age of 32, six weeks aftershe left Juventus18 months into a two-year contract to return to England.

Aluko won five FA Cups and three English league titles while at Birmingham, Charlton and Chelsea, represented the American sides Saint Louis Athletics, Atlanta Beat and Sky Blue FC, and won the league and domestic cup in Italy.

01-28 12:11 LENTA.RU Подсчитаны масштабы притока мигрантов в Россию

Каждый год в Россию приезжают около 16,5-17 миллионов мигрантов, такие масштабы притока стабильны последние несколько лет. В 2019 году почти 500 тысяч иностранцев получили российский паспорт. В первую очередь речь идет о гражданах Украины, Казахстана, Таджикистана, Узбекистана.

01-28 12:11 LENTA.RU Оставивший двоих детей в Шереметьево россиянин сам пришел к следователям

Житель Хабаровского края, оставивший двоих сыновей в московском аэропорту Шереметьево, сам пришел в управление Следственного комитета в Батайске. Сейчас он находится на допросе. О том, что мужчина бросил двух сыновей пяти и семи лет в аэропорту Шереметьево, стало известно 26 января. При них нашли записку.

01-28 12:08 RT RUS Директор СВР рассекретил имена семи разведчиков-нелегалов

Preview Директор Службы внешней разведки (СВР) России Сергей Нарышкин назвал имена семи выдающихся отечественных разведчиков-нелегалов, которые «внесли большой вклад в обеспечение безопасности страны».
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01-28 12:06 РЕГНУМ Смертельно опасен: миру угрожает новый вирус из Китая

В конце 2019 года в Китае зафиксировали вспышку пневмонии неизвестного происхождения. Медики заявили, что возбудитель — новый тип коронавируса. Число заболевших уже превысило 200 человек, есть случаи летального исхода. Болезнь вышла за пределы Поднебесной. Случаи заражения зафиксированы в Южной...

01-28 12:06 THE GUARDIAN Canberra fires: worst bushfires threat since 2003, chief minister says – live news

Evacuation centres set up and RFS volunteers recalled as fire threatens southern ACT suburbs and NSW border. Follow latest news and live updates

The latest update says the fire is now more than 6000 hectares, and is running north-east and east. It is out of control.

The view looking south-west from Mt Ainslie. In the foreground you can see the Australian War Memorial, Anzac Parade, Lake Burley Griffin, and parliament house.

From top of Mt Ainslie now - take care and be prepared!#CanberraFires#canberrapic.twitter.com/hEIQL41Jpq

01-28 12:06 THE GUARDIAN Australian Open day nine: Federer fights back to beat Sandgren, Barty beats Kvitová – live!

Meanwhile, Martina Navartilova and John McEnroe have led a remarkable protest against Margaret Court away from the spotlight on Melbourne Park. As Kevin Mitchell reports:

Martina Navratilovawas cut off in mid-sentence when she climbed into an empty umpire’s chair on an outside court here on Tuesday to push for Margaret Court Arena to be renamed in honour of Evonne Goolagong Cawley.

“I’ve been speaking out about an issue for a while now,” the former world No 1 said of her criticism of Court’s homophobia, “and John McEnroe is here to join me and push the conversation forward...”

Related:Martina Navratilova takes fight on-court for name change to Evonne Goolagong Arena

Before we sign-off here and handover to the evening liveblog, here’s Kevin Mitchell’s take on Ash Barty’s surge to the semi-finals earlier on against Petra Kvitova.

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01-28 12:05 THE GUARDIAN Markets gripped by coronavirus growth fears - business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as some Asia-Pacific markets continue to slide

Several economists fear that the coronavirus will hurt China’s economy -- although there’s uncertainty over quite how bad it will be.

My colleague Martin Farrer explains:

Economists agreed that the outbreak will have a negative impact in China but the lack of understanding about how the virus spreads and how bad it might be was adding to uncertainty to the mix and compounding investor concerns.

Citigroup said on Tuesday: “The wildcard is not the fatality rate, but how infectious the Wuhan virus is. The economic impact will depend on how successfully this outbreak is contained.”

Related:'Significant threat' to Chinese economic growth amid coronavirus outbreak

Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business.

Related:Coronavirus: China death toll rises to 106 with first fatality in Beijing – live updates

“We haven’t got enough information,” the economist and former Reserve Bank board member Warwick McKibbin said.

McKibbin has previously estimated that a “mild” pandemic in Asia, such as the 1968 Hong Kong flu outbreak which killed about 1m people, would carve 0.8% from Australia’s gross domestic product, with most of the damage felt in the services sector.

Related:Australian shares tumble over fears China's coronavirus could damage economy

The problem is investors have very limited visibility of the current situation in China, have virtually zero knowledge of epidemiology and virology, and have no clue how bad it will get or lasting the impact will be.

Risk models are not geared for this situation.

Incubation period for amateur epidemiology appears to be about a week.

01-28 12:04 LENTA.RU Бывший чемпион UFC Кормье рассказал о готовности Нурмагомедова «умереть за друзей»

Американский боец смешанного стиля (MMA) Даниэль Кормье поделился мнением о партнере по залу American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) россиянине Хабибе Нурмагомедове. «Он настолько заботлив, настолько верен. Если ты становишься его другом, близким человеком — он будет готов за тебя умереть, в буквальном смысле», — заявил он.

01-28 12:03 RT RUS Барти и Кенин сыграют в полуфинале Australian Open

Preview Австралийка Эшли Барти и американка София Кенин вышли в полуфинал первого в сезоне турнира серии Большого шлема — Australian Open.
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