05-02 05:03 FOXNews Services held for deceased Iowa family of four found in Mexico

A memorial service was held Saturday in honor of the Iowa family of four who died after inhaling toxic fumes in a Mexican condominium they were renting in March.

05-02 05:00 FOXNews Two dead after home-built plane crashes in California

Two people have died after a home-built plane crashed into a shed just outside the Southern California city of Santa Paula.

04-30 19:33 ВЕСТИ Russian Naval Pilots Carry Out Complex Search and Destroy Exercises, Hunting for Enemy Subs

To make a non-stop 10,000-km-long flight, and to hunt for an enemy submarine which lurked at great depths in an unfamiliar area: this task was completed by the naval aviation pilots in the Mediterranean Sea.

04-23 13:00 FOXNews 5 rookie mistakes to avoid when cooking steak

Avoid the most common mistakes (almost) everyone makes, and get ready to cook the perfect steak every time.

04-20 06:57 FOXNews 3 former US Army soldiers convicted in contract killing ordered by international crime boss

Three former American soldiers were found guilty Wednesday for the murder-for-hire of a female real estate agent in the Philippines whom an international crime boss accused of cheating him in a land deal.

04-20 06:31 RT RUS США намерены продать Мексике вооружения на сумму $1,2 млрд

Соединённые Штаты намерены продать Мексике многоцелевые палубные вертолёты, авиационные ракеты и торпеды на сумму около $1,2 млрд. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба Управления Минобороны США по оборонному сотрудничеству и безопасности.
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04-20 06:23 ВЕСТИ Жителей Бийска оштрафовали за сообщение о минировании колледжа

В городе Бийске Алтайского края суд вынес приговор в отношении двух местных жителей, которые обвиняются в ложном сообщении о готовящемся взрыве в колледже промышленных технологий.

04-20 06:22 RT RUS Трамп не будет присутствовать на похоронах Барбары Буш

Президент США Дональд Трамп не будет присутствовать на похоронах Барбары Буш, жены экс-президента Соединённых Штатов Джорджа Буша — старшего. Об этом сообщает The Hill со ссылкой на пресс-службу Белого дома.
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04-20 06:15 FOXNews DOJ turns over redacted Comey memos to congressional committees

The Justice Department on Thursday gave lawmakers redacted versions of five memos kept by former FBI Director James Comey to document meetings with President Trump, a congressional source told Fox News.

04-20 06:15 FOXNews Comey memos: Trump said he 'needed' and 'expected' loyalty, wanted proof dossier was 'a lie'

Eight days after he was sworn in as president, Donald Trump told then-FBI Director James Comey during a one-on-one dinner at the White House that he "needed loyalty and expected loyalty," according to a memo Comey made following their conversation, one of numerous memos released to lawmakers and obtained by Fox News on Thursday evening.