07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN Greta Thunberg: ‘They see us as a threat because we’re having an impact’

The climate activist answers questions from famous supporters and Observer readers, with an introduction by Ali Smith

Greta Thunberg. This time last year she was unimaginable. Then, pretty much from nowhere, there she was: small and slight, a girl just turned 16, the way-too-young odd person out on a panel of adults sitting in front of the world’s economic powers at Davos last January.Unshowy and serious, careful, firm, she said it. Our house is on fire.

The ancient Greeks had a word for this: parrhesiastes. It means a person who speaks truth to power: you should not be behaving in this way. Don’t. More specifically it suggests someone in whom directness of expression and access to truth coincide; and it means someone of very little power who’s risking everything – because they can’t not, there’s no option – to speak ethical truth to powers so entrenched that they’re close to tyrannical, because telling this truth is about moral law. “Some people, some companies, some decision-makers in particular know exactly what priceless values they have been sacrificing to continue to make unimaginable amounts of money, and I think many of you here today,” she said to the World Economic Forum conference, “belong to that group of people.”

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN Novak Djokovic’s epic final reveals flaws in a two-set stroll meriting an equal purse | Andrew Anthony

Women’s elite tennis could learn a lesson from the recent World Cup when it comes to the fight against sexism

If you wanted to put the popularity of women’s football into figures then the most impressive one is 11.7 million. That’s the number of people in the UK who watchedEngland’s World Cup semi-final against the USAon TV. In these days of multi-channels and platforms that is properly large, suggesting that, at least at the international level, women’s football has captured not just the public’s attention but also its imagination.

Of course, that is not to say that it is going to rival men’s football anytime soon, but it does say a few other things. From being viewed as a joke or a kind of pathetic imitation of the men’s game, women’s football has gradually gained respect among womenandmen. Having ranked as an obscure curiosity, it has established mainstream appeal. And from being subject to the casual and sometimes premeditated sexism that has dominated the sport, women’s football has forged a basis for equality.

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN Now El Chapo’s back in jail, hunt is on for the Mexican drug baron’s money

$12,666,181,704 … that’s the Sinaloa cartel boss’s sales in the US. Now he’s in jail, prosecutors want to seize his vast riches

It’s a favourite current joke in Mexico: “No más túneles!” – no more tunnels. There’s little chance of drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera repeating his famous escapes from Mexican prisons in the US jail where he was sent after being given a life sentence last week by a court in Brooklyn.

So now that El Chapo is removed from the scene, what next? The pillar of the US “Kingpin” strategy against narco-traffic is that the trade is weakened when its leaders are caught and jailed.

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN Boris Johnson’s braggadocio will soon come back to haunt him at Number 10 | Andrew Rawnsley

Lusting after the job is entirely different to doing it, and Britain’s next prime minister has made promises he cannot hope to keep

For Theresa May, the worst has been saved for last. After taking her final prime minister’s questions, she will be driven to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday afternoon to perform the most personally disagreeable task of her time at the top. After tendering her resignation, which will be painful enough, she will have the even more hateful duty of recommending that the Queen invites Boris Johnson to become the new prime minister.

Her failings have been a major contributory factor to his ascent. Tory activists think he will deliver them the Brexit that she couldn’t and cheer them up after the torture of the May years. Tory MPs believe that he has the campaign skills to scupper Nigel Farage and squash Jeremy Corbyn. None of which is going to be much use to him in the critical opening weeks of a premiership that will inherit all the problems that defeated Mrs May and with some extra challenges of his own.

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN By any standards, Theresa May was a failure

The departing PM’s outstanding characteristic has been her self-delusion

Theresa Mary May is the only woman in Britain to have held two great offices of state. For that she will go down in history. She will also be remembered for her stoicism, her sponge-like capacity to absorb humiliation after humiliation, and her inability to see off a pack of immature bully boys who should have been shown the exit door.

What to make of her legacy as the political baton is passed back to the good old boys – overwhelmingly white, privileged, pseudo-alpha male, metaphorically dressed in the safari suits of our less than illustrious colonial past – content to resume business as it always was: relatively female free? May is a disastrous politician. Regardless of where you stand – left, right or centre, Remainer or Leave – by any standards of what makes a strong leader, sound of judgement, perceptive of character, empathetic, intellectually capable of thinking several moves ahead of the opposition and anchored by a vision of what you want to do with power and the ruthlessness to carry it through no matter how turbulent the storms, she has failed.

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN Nothing stopping women becoming a tour de force in their own right

La Course, which had such a spectacular finish on Friday, will play a vital role in the advancement of women’s cycling

A potentially game-changing development for the whole of cycling was almost lost on Friday afternoon not long afterMarianne Vos scored a crushing and spectacular victory in La Course, the one-day women’s race run alongside the Tour de France. The Tour organisers, Amaury Sport Organisation, Reuters reported, intend to set up a women’s stage race that will be the equivalent to its flagship event and have set up a group dedicated to developing women’s cycling.

“Women cyclists need a race which is to them what the Tour de France is to the men and we need to find a solution for that,” an ASO official said when asked for more detail by theObserver. The group will begin work in September – once French holidays are out of the way in August – and it will initially be “in a reflective state” and there will be no pre-determined schedule. “We will have to move fast and we will have to do it well,” the source added.

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN Food banks scramble to stop a million children going hungry over holidays

More families turn to food parcels to make up for loss of free school meals, extra childcare costs and benefit payment delays

Church and community food banks are preparing for their busiest summer yet, providing meals for children during the school holidays as an increasing number of families struggle with delays in benefit payments.

TheTrussell Trust, which supports more than 1,200 food banks, many based in churches, said demand over the next few weeks could exceed last year’s record of 87,496 food parcels during the summer holidays. The 2018 figure was a 20% increase on the same period the previous year.

07-21 12:00 ВЕСТИ Как в Петербурге: в Москве откроется кафе с бесплатными обедами для пожилых

Осенью в столице заработает кафе, где абсолютно бесплатно смогут обедать пенсионеры. В Петербруге такое заведение почти два года, и скоро появится еще одно. 

07-21 12:00 THE GUARDIAN By the Jaffa Gate, final showdown looms in battle over Jerusalem’s historic hotel

Palestinian tenant of New Imperial Hotel makes plea after supreme court backs Jewish settlers’ bid to buy property

Standing on a balcony at the New Imperial Hotel, overlooking Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, 75-year-old Walid Dajani last week declared a one-man war on Jewish settlers.

Officials from Israel’s supreme court had served an eviction notice against Dajani following a ruling last month that the disputed 2005 sale of the historic 40-room hotel to a radical settler group was valid. The Jewish settlers’ organisation Ateret Cohanim immediately branded him “a squatter” and threatened to seize the building. Such a move would establish a strategically valuable settler presence just inside Jaffa Gate, the main entrance to the ancient city’s Christian Quarter.

07-21 11:59 THE GUARDIAN Buddhist, teacher, predator: dark secrets of the Triratna guru

British-born guru Sangharakshita was mired in allegations of abuse for years. Now it seems the scandal in his wealthy order went far wider than previously acknowledged

Coddington Court, near the Herefordshire market town of Ledbury, is a late-18th-century red brick mansion surrounded by farmland.

These days it goes by the name ofAdhisthana, reflectingits reincarnation as the headquarters of one of the most influential Buddhist orders in the world, the Triratna Community, whose founder, Sangharakshita, lived there until his death last year at the age of 93. With its impressive grounds and gardens, it looks like a serene place for someone to spend their final years. But behind the scenes, the picture is a rather more turbulent one.