02-20 01:50 THE GUARDIAN Liverpool v Bayern Munich: Champions League last 16 – live!

90 min +3:Mane has a good run at Sule down the left, but his attempted pass through to the nearby Salah is cut out by Javi Martinez. Bayern have bested Liverpool at their own pressing game tonight.

90 min +2:Bayern keep hold of the ball. Anfield considers this in silence.

02-20 01:49 THE GUARDIAN Lyon v Barcelona: Champions League last 16 – live!

90 min: Lyon will have to hang on for at least three more minutes ...

90 min: Messi dabs a feeble freekick into the wall and then rams the follow-up into it, too. The home fans jubilate!

02-20 01:49 THE GUARDIAN Liverpool v Bayern Munich: Champions League last 16 – live!

90 min +2:Bayern keep hold of the ball. Anfield considers this in silence.

90 min +1:Rafinha comes on for the excellent Serge Gnabry.

02-20 01:48 FOXNews Jussie Smollett controversy proves media has its own agenda: Ben Shapiro

Conservative columnist Ben Shapiro said Tuesday that coverage of the alleged Jussie Smollett hoax proves the media have their own agenda to push even if the facts prove otherwise.

02-20 01:48 FOXNews Rep. McClintock says California's 'largely political' lawsuit to block Trump's emergency declaration will fail

Californa Attorney General Xavier Becerra files suit challenging Trump; reaction from California Congressman Tom McClintock, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee.

02-20 01:47 THE GUARDIAN Infusions of young blood not proven 'safe or effective', US government warns

FDA warning is blow to anti-age treatment fad that claims it could improve strength and memory and even combat Alzheimer’s

The US government has warned that older people should not be paying to have their veins filled with the blood of young people, in a blow for what was becoming a fad anti-aging treatment.

Ina statementon Tuesday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said infusions of plasma from young donors into older clients “should not be assumed to be safe or effective”, and said it was “concerned that some patients are being preyed upon by unscrupulous actors” charging thousands of dollars for transfusions.

02-20 01:46 THE GUARDIAN Trump-Russia: FBI had 'backup plan' to save investigation evidence – live

Plan created after Comey firing to ensure information would survive firings or reassignments of top officials

Ok folks, I’m handing over the blog to my ever capable colleague, Vivian Ho, who will take you through key moments for the remainder of the day.

But first, a recap of what all has happened so far:

Donald Trump can’t even catch a break at his eateries!

According to a report in theNew York Daily News, health inspections at Trump-owned properties in Manhattan have turned up live mice and roaches. The worst offenses appeared to be at the president’s eponymous tower in the city:

City Department of Health inspectors visited the tower’s cafe and grill on July 11, 2018 and found ‘evidence of mice or live mice’ in and around the kitchen, according to records that haven’t previously been reported. The inspectors categorized the violation as ‘critical.’

The inspectors also deemed the restaurant ‘not vermin proof’ and said its ‘conditions’ are ‘conducive to attracting vermin’ and ‘allowing vermin to exist.’

02-20 01:46 RT RUS Юнкер заявил о готовности ЕС дать Британии отсрочку для брексита

Глава Еврокомиссии Жан-Клод Юнкер заявил, что Европейский союз готов предоставить Великобритании отсрочку для брексита.
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02-20 01:45 EURONEWS Под лавиной в Швейцарии погребены люди

Группа лыжников оказалась под сошедшей лавиной на склонах швейцарского курорта Кран-Монтана.